Waldershelf | Puppies
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Puppy Plans

Interested in a puppy?

We would not let a puppy go to strangers so if you would be interested in a puppy from us we need to get to know you and hopefully you will want to know about us. So, please get in touch with a general enquiry and talk to us about Bernese. Visitors who just want to ‘talk Bernese’ are always welcome whether we have puppies or not and we are always happy to give advice about finding puppies.

2019 Puppy Plans

We have puppy plans for 2019 but this may depend a little on finding the right dogs for them all and fitting in with our plans.

Recent Litters


Matthias vom Durrbachler Wald at Waldershelf (Matt) X Bernerdalens Quest for Fame at Waldershelf (Fame)

(6 males, 2 females) 29/07/2017

Fame x Matt Litter

Matthias vom Durrbachler Wald at Waldershelf (Matt)Waldershelf LouLou My Love (LouLou)

(2 males, 3 females) 22/07/2017

Loulou x Matt litter


International Champion Star is Coming z Deikowej Doliny (Schmal) X Waldershelf LouLou My Love (LouLou)

(3 males, 4 females) 11/02/2017

LouLou Schmal Litter photo-0450


Am GCH Great Lakes Danish Treasure (Odin) X Waldershelf All About Edna JW (Edna)

(2 males, 1 female) 10/07/2016

ExO pups


International Champion Bernerdalens Jackpot (Jackpot) X Meadowpark That’s Royal at Waldershelf (Hilda)

(6 males, 6 females) 20/04/2014