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Champion Yndiana Du Bois Bernois at Waldershelf (imp Bel)
We imported Yndi in 2002 from Terry Oudshoorn in Holland although she originated in Belgium. We felt very priviledged to be trusted with this special girl. Shortly after arriving in the UK Yndi was made into a UK champion. She was always so relaxed but had a big character at home. We have so many memories when she made us laugh and was always so reliable. She was a great showdog and carting dog but most of all a family dog who was very loyal. Unfortunately Yndi only produced 2 puppies Wilma (Waldershelf Wilma) and Waldo (Waldershelf Valdo) but this wasn’t for the want of trying. After losing her at age 10 years, she has been deeply missed and will always have a special part in our hearts and we are saddened that this quality line has been lost.

This critque was when she won Veteran Bitch, Bitch Challenge Certificate and Best in Show at the BMDC of GB Championship Show in 2006 at the age of 7 years old from world reknowned judge Mr Andrew Brace.

Green’s Ch Yndiana du Bois Bernois at Waldershelf, she was the first dog I had my hands on and little did I think at that point that she would end up winning BIS, but from the start she made a huge impact. When she came into the ring she stood on her legs free and eager, with no poking and prodding from her handlers (she had two, one in the class and another in the challenge), and the immediate picture is of a substantial bitch who simply oozes breed type, substance and balance, and who moves accurately and without effort. She is so true up and down, and goes around freely with reach and drive. Her head is balanced, and the gentle frosting that a few grey hairs have created simply softens her expression. To go over she is beautifully put together, with strong bone, big ribs, fantastic topline, gently rounded rump and exemplary hindquarters. She is well coupled and her tail is correctly set and carried and she was in excellent coat and hard condition. On the down side, she is a little cosmetically challenged as she could have more white on her toes and tail tip, but on overall assessment I felt that her many virtues far outweighed this shortcoming and when she came into the challenge her sheer type carried her through to the CC. My co-judge Heather Head agreed that she should be BIS which rounded off a marvellous day for this golden oldie who is a real credit to her owners.


Born: 12th May 1999
Deceased: 11th July 2009
Cause: Old Age


Hips: D (FCI Netherlands)
Elbows: 0 (BVA/KC)


Gill Gillian VD Buut Vrij Hoeve
(Hips: A : Elbows: 0 )

Sire: Sennetta's Kassius
Dam: Iris VD Gelderse Parel

Dixie Uu't Waarkhuus
(Hips: A Elbows: 0)

Sire: Pan V Mutzbachfall
(Hips: B Elbows: 0 )
Dam: Bernice Uu't Waarkhuus
(Hips: A Elbows: 0 )

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