Waldershelf | Hattie
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Champion Waldershelf Happy Hattie

Hattie is home bred by us from our girl Yent (Quarts De Chaume Van’t Rijkenspark at Waldershelf (imp Ned). Hatie was very good at Heelwork to Music, as well as Obedience and Agility but would not work in competitions without the food enticement which is not allowed. Hattie took part in several HTM demonstrations at club events but never in proper competition. This is a real shame as she is really bright and was very good at this and loved working for food with Emily who put a great deal of work into her training.

We mated Hattie several times but without success so we accepted this was not meant to be.


Born: 16th November 2007


Hips: 5:3 (BVA/KC) = 8
Elbows: 0 (BVA/KC)


Sire: Ch. Bernolynn It's Beano Surprise (Hips: 7/8 = 15 Elbows: 0 )

Sire: Ch Hillbank Danny Boy
Dam: Bernolynn Beau Brodie

Dam: Quarts De Chaume van't Rijkenspark at Waldershelf imp Ned (Hips: A Elbows: 0)

Sire: Sw Ch Bernerdalens Nasdaq (Hips: A Elbows: 0 )
Dam: Wellin-Kiss v Bernetta (Hips: B Elbows: 0 )

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