Waldershelf | Discover Dogs – Crufts 2018
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18 Mar Discover Dogs – Crufts 2018

Team Waldershelf Discover Dogs Crufts 2018

We had a great time with members of ‘team Waldershelf’ participating in Discover Dogs at Crufts 2018.

Discover Dogs host over 200 breeds of pedigree dogs for you to meet, talk to their knowledgeable owners and breeders and to gain first hand advice on grooming, training and whether the breed is right for you.

The Bernese Mountain Dog booth sees thousands of people over the four days, and we spent all day Sunday representing the breed and answering questions. We are always so proud of our dogs characters, not only are they confident and outgoing but they are so patient and gentle with the children who visit the stand. Our dogs are touched, stroked, hugged and squeezed all day by hundreds of people and make a fuss of every single person. Seeing our dogs enjoying themselves so much in what can be a noisy, busy and a sometimes overbearing environment makes us immensely proud of their bomb proof characters. Thank you to Angela and Andrew for bringing Thor ‘Waldershelf Jaspa’s Thor’ who thoroughly enjoyed his day, at 20 months old he is a very big and enthusiastic dog with the most loving nature, you’ve done a great job. Also Fiona and Andy did a stint on Discover Dogs with Belle ‘Waldershelf Wedding Belle’, Napoleon ‘Napoleon vom Dürrbachler Wald at Waldershelf’ and Nina on the Thursday – Belle came back on the Sunday too to help out on the stand. Zarah and Kyle were over from Ireland with Maya and Remy ‘Waldershelf Remy LeBeau’ and its safe to say Remy had a brilliant time as he loves everyone and everything. Here are some photos of out wonderful day.

Discover Dogs - Crufts 2018 Dogs Sofa

Emily & Andy Discover Dogs 2018

Angela, Andrew & Thor 2018

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