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Raising Your Bernese Puppy

The following is basically a reduced extract from our printed Puppy Pack which goes with all our Waldershelf puppies. In addition anyone taking one of our puppies will have had hours of verbal discussion over several visits to cover all details before leaving with ‘our baby’. The other sections of...

Health Matters

There are many aspects to Bernese Mountain Dog health but for the purposes of this page we will split them into two sections, namely: things to know as an owner and things to consider as a prospective owner who is choosing a puppy or considering the breed. Health Issues for Owners Hopefully...

General Training For Your Bernese Mountain Dog

In a sense all interaction with your puppy is training, the trick is make sure you are training the puppy and not the other way around! A well behaved dog is a joy and pleasure to live with and poor behaviour is hard work, embarrassing and potentially dangerous and expensive....