Waldershelf | Bernese Mountain Dogs
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Bernese Mountain Dogs

S J & EHello from Stephen, Jeanette and daughter Emily Green, we live 10 miles north of Sheffield in England.

We have loved and lived with Bernese Mountain Dogs since 1983, they have taken over our lives, and we would not have it any other way. All of our dogs live with us in our house and we always ensure our dogs have happy, healthy, fulfilled lives with many experiences and lots of home comforts.

First and foremost, our dogs are beloved pets, but we have also had some success at shows both in the UK and overseas. Over the years we have taken part in lots of activities with them including agility, obedience, PAT dog work, heel work to music, and carting.

We are Kennel Club Assured Breeders but our key considerations when breeding are always to try to balance health, temperament, longevity and type. Health is a major consideration for us as Steve is Kennel Club Breed Health CoOrdinator for the breed and has been in the equivalent position since the early nineties.

Visitors either already in, or just interested in, the breed are always welcome to come and meet our dogs, we are always happy to talk Bernese and Bernese Health and willing to offer help, advice and support to genuinely interested people.